• Typeprints

    Bespoke typographic prints for private clients

  • Typeprints

    Typeprints are typographical artworks created individually on a commission basis. They are typically used to celebrate a special occasion or life event.


    The overwhelming majority of our commissions are purchased as gifts by people looking for something original and unusual to give friends or relatives. Typeprints make great birthday presents, are frequently used as housewarming gifts and work well as wedding presents for the increasing number of couples who feel they already have sufficient coasters and toasters by the time they get married. They're also often used to immortalise a family joke, a favourite quote or lyric - or anything else that clients may choose.


    Typically Typeprints omit the conventional spaces between words, and the characters are run together. This creates an effect which is both absorbing and intriguing as the viewer takes a moment or two to decipher the meaning of the text. This technique is not mandatory however, and spaces can of course be added in the usual format.


    Typeprints use optimistic, bright and joyful colours which can be tailored or softened, according to the environment is which the print will be hung.


    So your design will be tailored specifically to you - your words, beautifully rendered and personalised by our designers. Below are some examples of Typeprints we have produced in the past.

  • 21st November 2015

    Christening Presents

    Typeprints use a small selection of seriffed or modern fonts appropriate to the nature of the text itself. These are agreed during the proofing process.

  • 17 Flood Street, London, SW3 5ST.

    Housewarming Presents

    Typeprints make an original and fun housewarming presents. If desired, framing is available on request for an additional fee.

  • I love you be mine forever

    Valentine's Gifts

    Typeprints are produced to the highest printing quality possible, using the finest 300 gsm paper and the best sustainable inks.

  • Bowie

    Birthday Presents

    Typically Typeprints are produced in A3 or A2 format, but other bespoke sizes are of course available upon request.

  • Looking at the stars

    Anniversary gifts

    The choice of background, design, font and message is completely up to the clients, who are always sent a minimum of five designs to choose from before placing an order. 

  • This too shall pass

    Favourite Quotes

    Clients often use Typeprints for favourite quotes or expressions - be they well known aphorisms or family 'in jokes'..

  • Completely unique

    Limitless choice

    Each print is completely unique - the choice of text is yours, as are the colours and typefaces. Your design will be created uniquely to you - your words, beautifully rendered and personalised by our designers.We work with clients until they are completely happy with their proofs, as outlined in the process below.

  • How It Works

    Your chosen text is obviously completely up to you - Typeprints can be used however clients desire.

    There is no character limit or additional charge for longer text. That said, the prints tend to look better when uncluttered, with 40 characters or less.


    Send your text

    Click here to email us with your desired text or use the form below. Please include any other relevant requests such as colour preference and sizing. We will start working on your design immediately. You will not be charged at this stage and there is no need to supply any card details.


    Proof approval

    Within 48 hours you will receive a proof via email for approval. Once clients are completely happy with their proof they pay online using a card or Paypal.Typically Typeprints are A2 or A3 in size, but we can produce prints to whatever dimensions are required. Do get in touch if you'd like a bespoke size and we will provide a quote.



    Typeprints are always dispatched within five working days, although this can be expedited if there is an urgent need.

    We are happy to ship anywhere in the world. Upon request, we can also arrange professional framing for an additional fee. Framed orders take a little longer to fulfil.

  • Input your text here

    Please use this box to submit your chosen text and any thoughts re colours and size.

    We will be back to you within 48 hours with a completely free proof to show what your print might look like.

    You will have no obligation whatsoever to purchase at this stage; this is purely for you to choose whether to proceed or not.

    Click here to get in touch if you have any questions or enquires. Thank you.